Published: 08:59AM Sep 10th, 2013
By: Mau Spencer

Full Circle SC members Ruth and Paul are appealing for help after thieves stole irreplacable jewellery and mementoes from their hotel while they attended this year's Isle of Wight rally.

The thieves took jewellery that Paul had bought Ruth since they got married – including anniversary, birthday and Christmas presents.

A distraught Ruth said: "It included two topaz rings, a ruby ring which was hand made in Gran Canaria, a white gold and yellow gold bracelet from Portugal, a topaz necklace from Jamaica on a gold chain with diamonds, a yellow gold bangle from Jamaica, and other bits and pieces. But most of all was my Chopard necklace, which we also brought abroad and which is totally irreplaceable.

"I took nearly all of my jewellery as I thought, in my stupidity, that if I left it at home I would get burgled. Silly me. My husband and I have worked hard all of our lives and it is so hard when someone is taking it away from you."

Even more upsetting, the couple had their mobile phones stolen during the raid on the Ocean Hotel in Sandown. These had all of the photos of their grandchildren from when they were born – again, impossible to replace.

Ruth and Paul are offering a substantial financial reward for anyone that can help with any information leading to the recovery of the stolen items. Did anyone offer you some jewellery in a pub, club or in the street, if so do you have a description?

Ruth and Paul can be contacted via or you can contact Hampshire Police, quoting crime reference 1412/23.08.13.



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